Albert: “Oh, yes, sir. But alcohol sort of compensates for not getting them.”
― Terry Pratchett

Presentation tips

Many of these drinks can be made in pitchers in advance, and poured when ready. Some could even be poured into a beverage server for guests to serve themselves. Others call for blending, or the addition of ingredients like ice and soda water at the last minute. There’s an easy way to handle these.

Drinks Station. Set up a buffet table with signs to guide the guests through the process of making their own BBQ drinks. The first step will be for guests to grab a glass which is either empty, or maybe already has the room temperature ingredients in it. Then they step to the right and find ice and a sign instructing them to add that to the glass. Then the next step might be to pour in some soda water or add garnish. It may sound like you’re asking guests to do some work, but it’s actually fun and engaging, especially if you’ve clearly taken the time to make it look nice. Plus, it means they can get their own refills when they want instead of having to find you and ask first.

Glassware suggestions. For an outdoor party, there is nothing wrong with plastic or acrylic. Check your local dollar stores for glasses that look terrific but are made from shatter-proof acrylic or sturdy plastic. If you want to use glasses, mason jar glasses with handles are your friends. I have a multi-colored version of this Yorkshire set and they’re not too heavy, and very comfortable to hold for large or small hands. Copper mugs also work wonderfully outside.

Note: to make pitchers of cocktails that need to be shaken, just make batches in a shaker and strain them into the pitcher until the pitcher’s full. Store them in the fridge, and they’ll taste fresh and wonderful when you serve them.